2005 Kings Island motorcycle trip

My girlfriend had brought up the idea a few times of going to Kings Island. Neither one of us had been there for about 15 years. After a few schedule changes we decided on October 14-15.

We had initially planned to take her Aveo. As the day approached the weather forecast was perfect for motorcycle riding, so we decided to do that. Kings Island is 149 miles from my home so it'll be a nice drive down US50.

The drive to Kings Island was great. The temperature was in the upper 70's and sunny. We made our gas stop in Versailles, IN. It was another 82 miles to our hotel about 1/2 mile away from Kings Island. The first 100 miles or so is on 2-lane US50 and the last part is interstate. The drive on US50 was scenic with the beginning of the changing of the leaves.

The park was operating on offseason hours so they didn't open until 5pm. We unpacked and piddled around the hotel until time to leave. It was a short drive to the park so we were hellions and went helmetless. Much to our pleasant surprise Kings Island has motorcycle parking right up front. The bad part is we were the first bike there and they didn't have any signs up and we had to ask three different people where it was before we found it. It's at the front of the handicapped parking lot near the security building. The motorcycle-sized parking space lines are almost faded away.

Since it was the offseason and on a Friday there were no lines at the rides. We walked right onto the 'Drop Zone', the roller coasters, etc. Waiting in lines sucks, especially waiting an hour for a minute ride. My girlfriend is (was?) afraid of the roller coasters and such so the first ride I took her to was the 'Drop Zone'. They hoist you up 315 feet then you free fall for about 250 feet. She was too scared to scream but after that she didn't have any problems with the roller coasters. We went to 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider' but it was pretty lame. We thought about going on the 'Italian Job' ride, but from what we could see in the dark it looked like a little kid's ride.

The park had several Halloween themed haunted house things set up but they didn't start until 8pm. As 8pm approached the park became very crowded. We went in one haunted house but the lines were too long to do any more. They had smoke machines near the haunted houses and over time the smoke drifted all over the park due to the cooler nighttime temperatures. It made the park look really cool.

We sampled different foods and walked around and found things to do when we returned the next day. Most of the shops and some of the restaurants weren't open since the park was only open in the evening.

After we'd did all we wanted to do we headed back to hotel. My girlfriend got to relax in our in-room hottub. That was her one request for the hotel.

The next morning we got up, packed, and ate breakfast at the Waffle House across the street. With full tummies we found the motorcycle parking with no problems this time. The park was much more crowded on this Saturday. I'm glad we did the popular rides last night. We stowed our gear in a locker. While waiting in line to get a locker we saw Kyle. We yelled at him but he didn't hear us. We didn't see him anymore that day.

We spent the day riding the smaller rides...the train, log ride, a small coaster-like ride in Hanna Barbara land. The 'Italian Job' ride looked more interesting in the daylight so we waited in line for an hour. The ride is great and my girlfriend screamed the entire time. We ate a little here and a little there. We sat for a caricature. We went to a lot of shops.

Around 4pm we decided to call it a day. We cleaned out our locker, packed the bike with the goodies we'd collected, and hit the road. The ride home was uneventful other than the sun in my eyes. We stopped at the Sonic in Seymour. By the time we got home it was dark and cold. We stopped at my girlfriend's parent's house and she picked up her car and we visited for awhile. It was a great little trip to relax and enjoy ourselves and...ride the bike!

See You on the Highway

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