Seven Falls

The Seven Falls is located outside of Colorado Springs. The park is based on a series of seven waterfalls, but there is more to see than that. This is the first place we visited on our vacation to Colorado Springs.

Disembarking from the bikes after entering the Seven Falls.

The stream from the Seven Falls runs past a gift shop and over a few smaller falls.

There is a platform where you can see the Seven Falls and the surrounding hills. You can walk up the stairway or take an elevator. We took the elevator.

The tunnel was bored by the same company who did the tunnels for NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain. Here we are looking back at the entrance.

Here is a view towards the elevator.

The tunnel stays at a cool 50 degrees year round.

Here is a view from the platform. On the left is the bottom of the seven falls. Indian dancing is performed near the teepee. There is a gift shop and concession stands. The lights are shining on trout in the small lake area. Food is sold to feed the fish and the fish are big.

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Here is a view of the Seven Falls. The walkway leads to a trail that goes around the park.

A cable car used to provide access to the platform before the elevator was installed. The cable car is still used to haul supplies to the platform and gift shop.

Here is a blurry shot of the Seven Falls during the light show.

More Seven Falls pictures

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